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SIP Trunk Providers

A SIP Trunk is an internet based telephone line that will soon replace traditional ISDN lines. Switch Networks are specialist SIP Trunk Providers to businesses in York and the surrounding areas. Our SIP trunks are scalable and work with both onsite or cloud based telephone systems.

SIP stands for sessions initiated protocol and is a virtual telephone line that lets you make and receive calls over the internet.

Most businesses that have a traditional telephone system will use ISDN lines to connect to the network. However these lines work on an old copper network which were originally built by BT in the 1980’s. SIP is a direct replacement to this outdated system, offering a more flexible and cost effective alternative.

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SIP Trunk Service

There are many benefits to our SIP trunk services. They are far cheaper per channel than the standard ISDN whilst containing a number of disaster recovery features that can easily divert calls in an emergency. Where SIP shines is how customisable the system is, allowing you to add and remove lines quickly and easily whilst saving up to 50% on overall call costs.

SIP trunks are perfect for businesses that are looking to make the move away from old technology and require a flexible system with up to date features such as remote working and disaster recovery.

To get started upgrading your old lines to SIP trunks complete the short form below and we will tailor a package to your business needs.

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