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Dedicated Leased Line

Switch Networks are leading leased line suppliers to businesses in York and throughout Yorkshire. A leased line, also known as an ethernet connection is a dedicated internet service that does not share bandwidth with any other properties. This means your business will not experience disruption to speeds during busy times.

If you are operating a large office or need a much more reliable connection with ultra-fast speeds, we would highly recommend a leased line. Leased lines include a service level agreement with priority response times as standard. The service is monitored remotely detecting any potential issues before they arise with targeted response and fix times.

Our dedicated leased lines are tailored to your individual needs giving you the freedom to choose the upload and download speeds your business needs. Whether that is 10 Mbps or 10Gbps our solutions mean you can send and receive files quickly and without having to worry about your bandwidth.

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Leased Line Providers

As leased line providers with over 50 years experience in the Telecoms and IT industry we understand how important connectivity is to your business and that any loss in connection can have a huge impact on your organisation. We offer a dedicated route to the internet, delivering ultra secure and fast connectivity.

Leased lines are perfect for remote working, giving you the bandwidth required to have all your staff logged in to your systems remotely. If you need to move large amounts of data or files quickly across your VPN and hold multiple video conferences with no performance issues or connection drops then a leased line is the ideal solution for your business.

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