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Remote Data Backups

Statistics show that data is among the most critical business assets, and if you need the best Data Backup in York and surrounding Yorkshire areas, our team are here to protect your business. As your business grows, the data you collect increases. Imagine the impact if you lost as little as the last week’s data? How would you recover from this? Over 46% of companies have reported becoming victim to a cyber attack in the last year, and 72% of businesses that experienced significant data loss close down within two years.

A data breach or loss might happen because of a natural disaster, human error or targeted attack. Investing in automated and off-site remote data backups allow you to perform a safe recovery up to 28 days after any loss.

Data backup and recovery services are necessary to protect your organisation’s valuable data. When created specifically for your organisation by specialised data backup and recovery companies these services give you peace of mind that your data is safe at all times.

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CloudData Backup

Switching to a cloud data backup for business gives you access to safe and encrypted storage servers. A cloud data backup system is one of the greatest tools when it comes to gaining better control over your company’s data and information.

Specialised data backup companies can help you design and implement tailored cloud data backup solutions for your business.

Switching from a traditional system to cloud-based data backup services might represent a step in your business’s digital transformation and should not be taken lightly. These systems allow you to have all of your vital data and information in one safe place that requires authorisation to be accessed.

Finding the perfect data backup solutions for your needs can be tricky - get in touch with our experts to get a free quote for your organisation.

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