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Whether you are a large organisation or small business we have a business telephone system to suit your needs.

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Telephone Systems For Small Businesses to Large Companies

If you are considering a new phone system for your business, you need to know that you are getting the best service from a specialist who understands your requirements and will help you select the right phone system for your needs.

Whether you are a large organisation or small business we will help you find the right solution.

In recent years telephone systems and their features have advanced dramatically and many now include clever features such as mobile twinning, voicemail to email and call recording. Business operations have also advanced meaning outdated systems can struggle to provide the functionality and flexibility needed for these changes. If your existing phone system no longer offers the flexibility your business needs, it could be stifling your growth and ability to achieve your business goals. Upgrading to a new phone system doesn’t have to be expensive and nor does it have to disrupt your business. The benefits now offered by modern telecoms technology are too great to be ignored.

Switch Networks offer a free audit of your existing telephone system. It might be possible to bring your existing system up to date by using additional hardware. We may also recommend you need extra lines to improve efficiency or perhaps even need to remove some which are no longer necessary.

Our team of local engineers are on hand, we don’t keep you in a queue on the telephone for hours on end for a quick simple fix -- simply get in touch with us on 01653 917000 and you will be straight through to a specialist.

How A New Phone System Can Revolutionise the Way You Work

An up to date telephone system can improve the way you work, it can save you time, increase your revenue, staff productivity and ultimately improve your profitability. Some of the functions and features that will benefit your business include:

  • Mobile extensions;
  • Voicemail to Email;
  • Music on Hold;
  • Call Forwarding;
  • Auto attendant;
  • Call Recording;
  • Hunt Group;
  • Disaster Recovery;
  • Call Diversions;
  • Speed dials;
  • Day and Night Mode;
  • Remote workers.

Why do you need to upgrade your telephone system?

We know that every business is completely unique and there can be many factors to consider. For example a business can have multi site locations, limited broadband capability and mobile members of staff.

Switch Networks take a tailored approach and look at how your business runs to create a custom package that will suit your needs and help to keep your costs low.

There are many reasons why you may consider a new telephone system for your business which may include the following:

  • Telephone System has become outdated;
  • Telephone System will not work with SIP technology;
  • You are relocating premise;
  • Your workforce has increased;
  • Your old system has become unreliable;
  • Your need for voice capacity has increased;
  • You are looking for a more cost effective solution;
  • You need more flexibility or functionality;
  • You want to generate more sales.

Does your Telephone System work on ISDN telephone lines? Is your business prepared for the ISDN switch off?

Many businesses are unsure of the impact the ISDN line (Integrated Services Digital Network) switch off will have on their existing telephone system. BT have announced they will be phasing out traditional ISDN lines in 2020 and they will be replaced with more advanced technology such as SIP. Many business customers are making arrangements to replace their soon to be outdated telephone systems. Instead of replacing your telephone system, it may be possible to modify your existing equipment to enable it to run on the new SIP technology minimising cost and offering more advanced features. Existing telephone numbers can be transferred to this new technology seamlessly, so there is no need to change company details on expensive literature.

Your Telephone System Support

Your business telephone system is a key platform for running your business efficiently and successfully. It’s vital you are able to communicate effectively with both internal staff members as well as your external clients and suppliers.

You need a system that you can rely upon, and if something does go wrong, you need a supportive, fast reacting local service with telephone system experts ready to get you back up and running. Allowing your business to run smoothly with the minimum amount of disruption.

Not only do we offer a telephone system repair service but we provide a maintenance package too, that can be used to suit your business’ specific work hours. You can be confident that any problems or issues that you encounter will be dealt with quickly and professionally, keeping your business working and operational.

Phone System Repair

Our qualified telephone system installers at Switch Networks are trained to repair Telephone Sytems such as Panasonic, Samsung, Polycom, Cisco, Alcatel, Nortel Meridian and over local areas including York, Malton, Leeds and Scarborough as well as throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

Business Telephone System Case Studies & Testimonials

Explore our range of telephone systems for small businesses case studies below and let us know if you have any queries about them and we'd be happy to go through them with you and see if we can set up a similar scenario for you and your business. 

Case Study #1

Equine Hospital in Malton, North Yorkshire - System upgrade.

A local Equine Hospital required an upgrade on their existing Panasonic telephone system to enable them to use the more up to date SIP technology. With some system modifications the customer is now able to use features such as cloud based call recording and advanced call reporting analytics. The call reporting feature was high on the customers wish list because it allows them to determine peak call times in order to provide additional staff during busy periods so important calls are not missed or lost in the system.

Case Study #2

North Yorkshire golf club - Multi user cordless telephone system.

The customer enquiry was to provide a system to carry calls around a large building that had been extended over time. Their existing system was dropping sales calls and they were experiencing diminished call quality on their cordless handsets. A cordless solution was required to allow staff to move freely between the office, stock area and driving range and still be able to take calls. The customer also wanted to future proof their system to be able to upgrade to SIP technology from their soon to be outdated ISDN lines within a 12-month period.

Our Telephone System Engineers recommended a Panasonic system with true dect handsets (digital enhanced cordless telephone). To give total coverage of the system we installed several IP Cell Stations throughout the building to give seamless roaming. The dect handsets also integrated with desk phones that show when their colleagues are busy on calls before the call is transferred. The customer now has access to a speed dial directory for suppliers and their key contacts. A voice recording has been added to the system to inform customers when they are closed.

Case Study #3

Specialist North Yorkshire Butchers - Multi site system

Our VoIP telephone system was the perfect solution for a with multi site locations across the UK including the London area. The VoIP solution made savings on their call spend and offered an easily managed, scalable and flexible telephone system. A recent relocation of the head office from rural North Yorkshire to London was carried out without any interruption to service with the system configuration being carried out remotely. During the busy Christmas period an additional mobile app was used on staff mobile phones to increase the ability to take Christmas orders.

After helping local businesses around Yorkshire of various sizes we are confident that we can help reduce your costs with minimum disruption.

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Of course, please let us know if you have any questions with regards to our telephone systems for small businesses and we will be more than happy to help you. SImply call us on the phone number above or get in touch with us via the contact form and the Switch Networks customer services team will help you. 



Traditional ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)
ISDN is due to be switched off by 2025 across the BT Network.
ISDN circuits often require expensive hardware for additional lines such as line cards.
Only fixed geographical numbers are available on ISDN circuits limited to exchange area.
ISDN circuits often have an expensive mirror system set up as a disaster recovery solution.
Features can be complicated to use, expensive hardware/software is required to enable features such as call reporting and call recording.
New Technology SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)
SIP trunks will replace the soon to be outdated ISDN lines with orders being stopped in 2020 with BT.
SIP trunks can be added to a system within 48 hours without the need for additional hardware.
Number flexibility – SIP offers virtual numbers so you can choose to present any number available.
SIP offers flexibility, business continuity and disaster recovery solution as part of the service meaning additional systems are not required.
SIP has easy to use call reporting and call recording features.
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